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5 office fire hazards and how to minimize fire risk in the workplace

By June 29, 2018Fire Safety News

As most workers lack training on ways to lower fire risks, Steadfast, a consultant agency in safety, health and risk management has devoted itself to summarizing the 5 major office hazards and ways you can lower the risks of workplace fires.

1. Extension leads and plug sockets


  • Check the sockets constantly
  • Purchase your supplies from reputable organizations
  • Unplug sockets that aren’t in use


  • Avoid faulty equipment
  • Don’t overburden the sockets
  • Avoid covering sockets or plugs

2. Old, damaged or faulty wires

Regularly inspect the wires and replace any that appear worn out.

3. Negligence and human errors

Avoid falling over wires, using improper electrical appliances, spilling liquids on electrical equipment, leaving cooking unattended and lack of procedures and training on fire risks.

4. Clutter

Consistent dusting of the electrical appliances will prevent the equipment from overheating. Keep other unnecessary materials in an orderly manner in safety boxes.

5. Heating equipment

Heaters should be at least 3 feet away from all other objects. Where possible plug directly into wall socket, buy appliances that have certification at all times and never leave the heater unattended.

Office fire hazards infographic
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