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7 Myths About Sprinkler Systems You Need To Stop Believing

By July 12, 2017Fire Safety News
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems have done a good job at protecting life and property for more than 100 years. In fact, buildings that have a fully fitted fire sprinkler system hardly experience any loss of life especially if the system is fully functional and operates as it should. The best part is that automatic sprinklers are very affordable. The technology used today offers effective and reliable fire safety that has reduced property losses by up to 85% in residential properties. But there are still myths doing round regarding the sprinkler system. We’ll try to debunk a few of the popular ones.

A Sprinkler System Cause Extensive Water Damage

If you compare the extent of water damage that a sprinkler system can cause to what results when putting off a fire using a fire-fighting hose, you’ll realize the latter is too costly to recover from.

Fires Automatically Activate All Sprinkler Heads

Every sprinkler has a set temperature setting which the sprinkler heads will respond to when it’s attained. In many cases, the systems are designed to only activate a single sprinkler head so that the fire can be extinguished or prevented from spreading to the other rooms. Activating a sprinkler head at a time also helps to avoid excessive water damage.

The Sprinkler Can Easily Go Off By Accident

Research shows that accidental discharges happen very rarely. In fact, one in 6 million sprinklers activate by accident every year.

The Sprinkler System Will Freeze During The Cold Weather

Like most systems you invest in, you must maintain your sprinklers to ensure they remain fully functional in those cold winter months. However, keep in mind that these systems are designed with an insulated piping that traps heat and prevents freezing so your system is not vulnerable to damage.

You Can Have A Smoke Alarm Only And Get Total Protection Against Fire Hazards

Smoke alarms don’t operate like fire sprinklers. Smoke alarms work by warning you of an impending fire. However, they are not designed to put off a growing fire. This is why we often recommend having a smoke alarm as well as a fire sprinkler system within the property. It is also important to ensure the smoke alarm is fully functional at all times.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Too Costly

The cost of sprinklers varies depending on the size and type. You can install this fire protection system for as low as $1.50 per square ft. In fact, installing this kind of system is likely to cost you up to 2% of the total cost of constructing your property. Consider the amount of money you are spending on furniture, electronics and the like? Is it not equally important to invest in a reliable fire protection system to safeguard your costly assets?

The Automatic Sprinkler Will Look Unattractive In Your Property

There’s nothing more unattractive than fire damage in your residential property. Modern sprinklers are designed to ensure they blend perfectly with the room’s décor. These systems come with cover plates and other elements that can be painted to the client’s specifications.