4 Facts You Need to Know About Fire Alarm Inspections in Toronto

Businesses in the Greater Toronto Area are required to undergo professional fire alarm inspection every year. The inspections have to be done by technicians who are certified by the Canada Fire Alarm Association (CFFA). However, before you can schedule the inspection, there are four very important facts you need to understand.

Fire inspection scams are very common

Once every few months, you will hear of a business owner that has fallen prey to the fire inspection scams. It is common for a phony inspector to come to your business and claim he has been sent by the fire authority. One fact you should understand is that the local fire authority will never send an inspector randomly and complete a complete fire inspection on the same day.

Another common scam is where a person that claims to be from the local fire authority comes for a complete inspection of your premises. Prior to letting them in, ask to see their business card and photo ID. Real fire authority inspectors will arrive in an office fire vehicle and wear the official uniform. If the person that comes knocking is not dressed in the proper uniform, there is a good chance you are about to be scammed.

For the best results in fire protection Toronto, you need to mark your calendar and take note of the next fire alarm inspection date. When the date is due, contact a reputable company like Steadfast Safety Services and schedule a fire inspection.

Fire codes get updated regularly

Updates to Toronto fire codes are not uncommon. What might have been accepted three years ago may not be accepted today. The last thing you want is to be fined simply because you never paid attention to the fire safety codes. Fire alarm inspections are there to help you know if you meet all the codes and also to ensure the safety of your customers, employees and even the neighboring businesses.

No inspection can lead to hefty penalties

It is very easy to be tempted not to hire a professional for a fire alarm inspection but it is wise to always schedule the inspections that coincide with re-inspection dates. If the inspector finds that upgrades are needed, handle the upgrades immediately. If there is a fire and the investigators from the fire authority determine you were in violation of the fire codes, you can be fined or even be sent to jail. Even with no incident, if the fire authority inspector finds any violation of the fire codes, you will be fined. The fine for failing to install a smoke alarm or the carbon monoxide detector is $295 for every instance of non-compliance.

Inspections times differ

Fire safety inspections take time. They are thorough and vary depending on the physical size of your building, type of property and the number of installed fire safety devices. After evaluating your business, Steadfast Safety Services can give you a general time estimate for an inspection.

All our experts are CFFA certified and happy to help with any fire safety inspection. With over 30 years of experience, we guarantee complete fire protection. Call us today and schedule a fire alarm inspection.