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Fire Code Violations in Ontario – How Much Will it Cost You?

By July 12, 2017Fire Safety News
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Going against the fire safety guidelines in Ontario can cost you a lot more than you think. There have been changes in the fire safety violations to help ensure all buildings in the area are up to code. From making sure the fire sprinkler systems are properly maintained to installing the right devices, there are set guidelines to ensure optimal protection against fire hazards. We’ll show you a few examples that highlight how much you are likely to spend should you go against the set fire safety standards.

Workplace Fire Safety Violation

A plastic automotive parts manufacturer in Ontario, Magna Exteriors & Interiors Corp, was charged with a fine of $80,000 when a fire erupted in their building and one of the workers sustained serious burns. The company was found to have failed to ensure all the fire safety standards were met as required by law. The company not only paid the fine but was also imposed a surcharge which goes towards helping victims of fire hazards.

A construction company, Jay Pantry enterprises also faced the consequences of failing to meet Ontario’s fire safety measures. While working on a residential project in Kingston, their crane operator was caught in a fire and they had to get a military helicopter to rescue him. Upon investigations, it was discovered that they failed to assemble the standpipe properly with hose valves increasing the risk of fire hazards. As a result, the company was fined $74,000 and a 25% surcharge was also imposed.

Residential Property Fire Safety Violations

Property owners in Ontario are not safe from the hefty fines if they commit fire safety violations. One owner of a high-rise building in Ontario known as Saickley Enterprises paid $75,000 as a fine after being found to have committed multiple fire safety violations. There are even cases reported of individual property owners who have been fined up to $350,000 for multiple fire code violations including fire sprinklers that were poorly maintained. Some of these cases result in loss of lives and that’s why violations of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act are not taken lightly.

How To Avoid Common Fire Code Violations

Each industry has fire codes that they must meet. It is important to review your building’s fire codes or go over it with a professional to ensure that you comply. Common fire code violations involve fire exits, fire extinguishers, electrical components and treatment of combustibles in industrial buildings. For instance, there is a minimum clear opening size for exits so as to ensure there’s adequate escape and rescue space. Exits should also be well marked and easily accessible. In areas that are prone to snow and ice, exits must be kept free from accumulation of these elements. Building owners also need to avoid overcrowding and ensure all security devices including sprinkler systems installed are up to code.

More important, fire protection systems must be designed, installed and maintained according to the fire and building codes. It may not be very clear whether you’re building is up to code that’s why you need to consult a professional to reduce the risk of code violations in your commercial property and prevent hefty fines and surcharges.