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Did you know that most of the fire breakouts in homes/buildings happen when the occupants are asleep? Below are other informative facts you ought to know about fires.

1. Fatalities in numbers

  • 70% of fire victims lose their lives either as they are sleeping or trying to escape
  • 90% of victims die because of smoke inhalation and thermal burns
  • Out of all the victims, 57% are male while the remaining 43% are female.

2. Fire timeline

Studies show that most of the fires occur during the winter period. When a small flame starts, it will only take about 30 seconds for it to become a major fire. After 15 minutes, everything that was in the room where the fire started is no more as the flames destroy everything in their path.

3. Burning

During burning, the heat at the floor level is usually 100 degrees Celsius (room temperature), while the heat at your eye level can reach 600 degrees Celsius. This heat will scorch the lungs once inhaled.

4. Fires in nursing homes

The leading causes of fires in nursing homes are as follows:

  • 65% – Cooking equipment
  • 10% – Washers and dryers
  • 6% – HVAC and equipment
  • 5% – Smoking materials
  • 4% – Electrical or lighting
  • 3% – Arson
  • 1% – Playing with heat source


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