Don’t Fire Sprinklers Cause Extensive Water Damage?

Are you contemplating installing a fire sprinkler system in your home or place of business? Fire sprinkler systems, unlike smoke detectors work by controlling fires that have already erupted. The sprinkler heads are activated by heat and not smoke. While it is a common misconception that these systems generally cause a lot of water damage, it is important to understand how they work and what you can do to minimize any form of damage after installing your fire sprinkler system.

They Use Little Water

One of the main advantages of having a fire sprinkler system as opposed to relying on a fire hose is that it is designed to use very little water to control a fire. Sprinkler systems are created in such a way that they will target the source of the fire in its early stages. This means that if a fire hazard is only at a small section of the property or building, the sprinkler head that is in that area will be the one activated. A fire sprinkler system can even activate just a single sprinkler head and use it to control a fire in the little space that is affected. This is what helps to reduce water damage.

They Prevent The Fire From Growing

Fire sprinkler systems are very effective in diffusing fires because they work by preventing the fire from growing. Could you imagine the extent of damage you could have incurred should you not have had the sprinkler system? The fire could have erupted and quickly spread to damage the entire office or home space. It is better to deal with a damp carpet than one that is burned beyond recognition. Sometimes the damage that is caused by fire is so severe that you incur huge losses of electrical items, furniture and other components that are not burnt but they are just damp.

They Are Better Than Fire Hoses

It’s better to have a fire sprinkler system installed in your building than to rely on your local fire department to come with a fire hose whenever there is an emergency. Fire hoses are used to control large fires but they dispense so much water and can cause excessive damage. A fire sprinkler system will control the fire so that it doesn’t get to a point where you need to use a fire hose to put it down.

How To Avoid Extensive Damage

There are steps that you can take to ensure your fire protection system doesn’t cause any unnecessary property damage. For a start, ensure your system is repaired if there are any malfunctions. Have the system inspected as required so that any issues are corrected and it is in full working order. A sprinkler system that is activated when there’s no fire can cause damage to your building or office space. Get an experienced fire protection expert to assess the system and provide a reliable solution that not only protects your property around the clock but also minimizes the risk of water damage.