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Whether you own a building or a business in Toronto, fire sprinkler systems save lives and valuable property.

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Are Fire Sprinkler Systems Effective As A Form of Fire Protection?

Are you looking for a fire protection system that is effective, reliable and offers the best protection in the event of a fire hazard? Consider investing in a fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler systems work by disrupting fires in their early stages. They are used to contain small fires and prevent property damage by diffusing fire before it spreads. Unlike what most people assume, fire sprinkler systems don’t have to cause water damage when a small fire erupts in a room. Let’s look at how these systems operate to better understand why they are considered one of the most effective forms of fire protection.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Designed To Use Little Water

Any fire sprinkler system that is installed in your building is designed with sprinkler heads that do not emit large amounts of water all at once. These systems have a unique design that allows them to dispense the right amount of water and target it to the right location. You will notice that if a fire erupts at only a small section of the building, the sprinkler head will be released only at the fire emergency. Because of this, these systems are very effective in preventing fires from breaking out and extending to the rest of the space.

You Can Use One Or Two Sprinkler Heads To Put Out A Fire

In most cases, you will only need one or two sprinkler heads to put out a fire in a building. This happens because fire sprinkler systems will only release a minimal amount of water as fast as possible targeting the area that has the fire emergency. They prevent the fire from growing to a size that will be difficult to contain. With a fully functional system, you will never have to use a fire hose which can lead to extensive water damage because it dispenses large amounts of water very fast.

They Prevent Loss Of Life During Fire Hazards

According to a research done by the National Fire Protection Association, buildings that have a complete fire sprinkler system experience minimal losses during fire emergencies than the ones that don’t. This happens because these systems will put out a fire before it spreads to the rest of the home or office building. When a fire is contained successfully, with the help of a fully operational sprinkler system, you can significantly minimize property damage and prevent severe injury or even death.

How To Ensure Your System Remains Effective

Your fire sprinkler system will not fail when you need it most if it is properly maintained. Maintenance involves hiring a fire protection specialist to come and inspect and repair the system when it is required. Inspections are usually recommended four times per year. The specialist will come and review the state of the sprinkler heads, valves, piping and any other components that impact on the working of the system. With regular inspection, you can be rest assured that the sprinkler system will perform as required during a fire hazard.

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