How Often Should I Get My Fire Sprinkler System Inspected?

If you have invested in a fire protection system in your home or office, it is important to ensure it is well maintained to provide optimal protection when you need it most. Lack of proper maintenance can result in massive losses when the system fails during a fire emergency. Most building owners are often confused as to what kind of inspection services a fire sprinkler system requires. Let’s look at some general guidelines and recommendations when it comes to inspection of fire sprinkler systems.

Inspections Should Be Done Four Times A Year

The NFPA recommends that you hire experienced fire protection experts to come and inspect your sprinkler system at least four times every year. This is recommended for a number of reasons. To start with, you must ensure that the sprinkler nozzles are up and running. If there is a malfunction, it means that the system will not be able to diffuse a fire quickly and effectively. Regular inspection will assure you that the system will work optimally whenever there is a fire emergency and help to minimize loss of property and prevent loss of life.

Why Quarterly Inspections Are Recommended

When a quarterly inspection is done, the fire protection specialists will perform several tasks. The licensed protection expert will check the main components of the system including the sprinkler heads, valves and piping to ensure they are in good working order. The inspection specialists will also look at the physical parts of the system to ensure there is no damage or obstructions that could prevent it from diffusing a fire when it is required. Sometimes building owners can have elements that cover the sprinkler heads and prevent them from working as they should when a fire erupts. A licensed fire protection expert should address this situation and provide the best solution.

Inspections Can Be Done More Regularly

Sometimes inspection of fire sprinkler systems can be done more than four times a year. For instance, if the building has undergone renovations or significant changes, it is very important to call in a fire protection expert to check the entire system again. Sometimes changes to the building can tamper with the meters, valves or sprinkler heads and prevent them from working effectively. Making sure the system is inspected after remodeling, changing your water supply or occupancy of the building, helps to ensure you are still able to get optimal fire protection should you ever need it.

Fire inspection is also done to help ensure the system is in line with the area’s fire codes. The local fire protection experts understand what is required especially after remodeling and will ensure inspections are done to meet the mandated fire codes. In the event of an actual fire emergency, you can be rest assured that the sprinkler system will provide the best protection if it has undergone regular inspections as required. Speak to your local licensed fire protection specialists regarding any concerns you may have with your fire sprinkler system.