Fire Sprinkler Systems Reliability

The frequency with which fire incidents happen across the country has necessitated the need of having different forms of fire protection installed. For many home and commercial building owners the question is which system to adopt especially in cases where they cannot make use of several forms of protection due to costs. Fire sprinklers have proven to be more effective and reliable than other forms of fire protection.

This is because fire sprinklers can detect and control or extinguish a fire just as it begins. Fire sprinklers offer protection by slowing down the spread of fire, blocking harmful fumes and allowing enough time to evacuate all building occupants. This is more than is offered by alarm systems which can only alert room occupants leaving children, the elderly and the property at the mercy of the fire. Fire sprinklers when regularly and well maintained hardly malfunction ensuring you have protection that gives you peace of mind. The chances of a fire sprinkler not going on in the case of an accident are 1 to 500,000. There are several other advantages which make fire sprinklers the best form of fire protection.

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

More than any other form of fire protection, fire sprinklers save lives. Different data from different places and countries show that there has never been recorded more than two deaths in a case where fire sprinklers were present. They reduce the risk of death by 82 percent. Even in cases where the fire is too extensive, they will slow it down allowing for an easier and safer evacuation of people trapped in different rooms of the building.

Fire Sprinklers Reduce Risk of Damage

It has been estimated that with fire sprinklers, you can save more than half of the property in the affected room from being destroyed by the fire. This is because of the fast response to fire at its infancy stages. The fact that the fire is prevented from spreading to other rooms and controlled adds to even more property being saved from damage by fire.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

The cost of insurance is calculated by the kind of risk you stand to face in the event a risk you are insuring against happens. The higher the risk the more the cost of the insurance which is covered in higher insurance premiums. By taking several mitigating measures to reduce the risk of damage posed by the hazard, you reduce the cost of insurance. With fire sprinklers you have a lower cost when insuring the building against fire hazards.

Higher Home Value

By investing in fire protection systems for your house you have an attractive proposition to potential buyers of your home. You increase your home value with such an investment and it is a long term one since the fire sprinklers can last for a very long time. You may only need to replace the heads once in a while.

It is important to understand proper maintenance is needed for optimal and efficient performance of the sprinklers.