What Kind Of Signals Should A Fire Pump Provide To A Building’s Fire Alarm System?

One of the most important components of a sprinkler system is its fire pump. A fire pump is what makes a sprinkler system. It is designed to supply the water pressure that is required to make the sprinkler heads function properly. The water obtained from the municipal comes in varying pressure levels. That is why fire pumps are customized for each application. The fire pump is designed to augment the normal pressure levels of water obtained from the municipal so that the system is able to maintain a standard flow at each sprinkler head.

Fire pumps are very expensive components in fire sprinkler systems. If they require any form of servicing or maintenance, it’s important to have a licensed and experienced technician handle them. The main role of a fire pump is to maintain the system’s water supply and pressure. It is this pump that pushes water to the sprinkler heads. If the pressure is not adequate, the sprinkler heads will not be able to release water when there is a fire emergency.

Typical Fire Pump Problems

If the fire pump is not functioning properly, the sprinkler system will not be able to put out a fire because no water will be discharged. This can result in significant damage in your home. That is why maintenance and inspection of fire pumps is very essential. Among the common issues that modern fire pumps are likely to encounter include faulty pump suction or valve alarm. A fire protection technician should be able to provide a suitable remedy for any of these common fire pump issues.

Fire Pump Inspection And Servicing

Fire pumps come with a fire pump controller which is connected to the system and allows easy testing and servicing to be done. The fire pump controller is usually located in the high-rise buildings, warehouses and office spaces. The controller has different indicator lamps which can quickly disclose the state of the fire pump. For instance, you will find a number of trouble indicators which simply indicate faults within the system that need to be addressed. It is important to have an expert review the fire pump and ensure it is in good working order. Don’t wait until an emergency strikes in order to learn the value of inspection and testing.

Fire pumps can experience issues from time to time and if not repaired, they can result in significant losses if a fire hazard occurs. The recommended inspection and servicing varies depending on the type of fire pump installed in the building. Note that, some buildings do not employ a fire pump in their sprinkler alarm systems. Speak to your local fire protection specialist to understand whether there is a fire pump in your building and the steps you can take to ensure it is in full working order. Fire pumps need regular testing to troubleshoot common issues and ensure they can effectively augment the municipal water pressure when required to. The number of times inspection or testing has to be done varies from type to type.