What Temperature Rating Should A Sprinkler Head Have That’s Going To Be Installed In A Dry Sauna?

Fire sprinkler systems are considered one of the most effective fire protection systems in modern day. If you choose to install this system in your sauna, it is important to ensure it is properly done to minimize any water damage. One thing with saunas is that they may experience accidental discharge of water because of high temperatures that activate the fire sprinkler heads. An experienced fire protection expert should be able to advice on the best temperature rating for the sprinkler heads depending on your application.

The Risk Of Accidental Discharge

In dry saunas, fire sprinkler heads need to be installed with the right temperature rating so that they are not activated accidentally. This environment is known to have high ambient and fluctuating temperatures so setting the system at the usual 135 degrees will pose the risk of accidental discharge. Building owners are at risk of water damage if the sprinkler system is activated when there is no fire emergency.

Dry saunas are designed with a grill that has a heating element which is what provides the ambient temperature. Strict instructions are given to the patrons of the sauna to ensure that the grill is left uncovered so that the ambient temperature doesn’t increase to certain levels. Habits such as placing a towel on the grill or throwing water are greatly discouraged. The sauna usually has a heating controller that is designed to ensure ambient temperature doesn’t exceed certain levels. The heating controller is normally set to operate at very safe levels of between 100 and 120 degrees.

The are other important considerations such as the distance between the heating element or grill and the sprinkler head. When there is a very small distance, it means that the sprinkler system is more likely to be discharged during minor hazards and release water. A fire protection expert should be able to advice on the proper set up so that the system is installed in such a way that it helps to minimize the risk of accidental discharge.

Proper Servicing Is Key

The sprinkler system installed in a dry sauna needs to be serviced as recommended. Servicing is normally required four times a year. Your fire protection specialist may recommend more frequent inspections and servicing to be done if there is a high risk of accidental fire discharge. It’s better to have the sprinkler system activated and deal with the ramifications of simple water discharge instead of having a patron severely injured or even die because the temperature rating was set too high in order to avoid accidental discharge. Speak to your fire protection expert regarding the risks involved should you decide to stick to the standard temperature rating that is usually recommended. Most importantly, high temperature steam can have very serious consequences if a system is not in place to prevent any incidences of fire from growing fast. Have a sprinkler system installed in your dry sauna to provide optimal protection.