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Fire Protection Tips For Restaurants

By March 8, 2017Fire Safety News
Fire Protection

It is very important to ensure that your restaurant is safely protected from fire hazards. Restaurant fires are mainly caused by faulty cooking equipment. The fact that there are open flames, grease and oil that are very flammable, makes fires spread faster in restaurants. Taking simple steps such as cleaning the restaurant thoroughly to remove grease and making sure flammable materials are stored properly can go a long way in protecting the restaurant against fire hazards. It’s also important to keep in mind that restaurant fires can start outside the kitchen space. Taking steps to mitigate the risk of fire and protecting the employees, customers and building should be a priority to restaurant owners and managers. Below are a few ways this can be done:

Installing Fire Suppression Systems

These systems must be installed in a restaurant or commercial kitchen to provide best fire protection Toronto in the event of an emergency. Fire suppression systems are designed to activate automatically to put out intense flames. They can help to save lives and minimize on property damage.

Install Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are also important for restaurants and commercial kitchens. They can help to put out fires before the fire department arrives. Sprinklers need to be regularly inspected to ensure they are in full working order.

Invest In Fire Extinguishers

Restaurants need to have fire extinguishers strategically located to help employees fight fires whenever there is a need. Choose Class K fire extinguishers that are designed to deal with restaurant fires. Make sure they are installed in the kitchen area and people are trained on how to use them. Fire extinguishers should only be used when the flames are small and contained. In other cases, the staff is required to evacuate and let the automatic fire suppression system do its job.

Fire Alarm Systems

A complete fire alarm system that comes with smoke detectors, strobe lights, sirens among other features can also offer fire protection at your restaurant. This system is designed to alert the occupants of your restaurant which include customers and staff to evacuate whenever there is a fire emergency. Make sure the fire alarm system is up to code.

Proper Maintenance Is Key

Any fire protection equipment that you choose to install must be properly maintained over the years. Make sure there are regular inspections and testing done by a qualified company. This helps to ensure you have a fire suppression system that functions well whenever you need it.

Proper Training Of Restaurant Staff

Make sure the restaurant staff is well trained on how to prevent a fire as well as how to respond to a fire hazard.

Some preventative measures the restaurant staff can take include cleaning the oven grills and surfaces regularly, securing the restaurant at night to prevent unauthorized access, wearing appropriate clothing – avoiding loose clothing that could easily catch fire and never leaving the cooking area unattended. Restaurant staff should also be trained on how to activate the nearest pull station and how to evacuate during a fire hazard.