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Fire Safety Recalls You Should Know About

By November 29, 2016Fire Safety News

We live in a society where we take in large amounts of new information every day, so it’s no surprise that it can lead to total overload. With emails, texts and phone calls flying at us all day every day it can be rather easy to miss critical items. Some of the information that you could be missing is vital fire safety issues and fire protection in Toronto, is not something to get behind on.

There are fire safety recalls that you need to be aware of, and to keep up to date you should make Healthy Canadians recall list a regular visit to be sure you are up to date.

Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide by Kidde

The combination alarm for smoke and carbon monoxide by Kidde was initially recalled in September of 2011, but that was expanded again in August of 2015. Almost a million devices were affected across Canada, and the United States.

Check the back of your device for these model numbers:

  • Combination alarm: KN-COSM-IBACA, manufactured between 19th of November, 2013 and 13th of May, 2014. Universal Product Code (UPC): 0-47871-00119-4.
  • Residential smoke alarm: i12010S-CA, manufactured between the 11th of March, 2014 and the 13th of May, 2014, UPC: 0-47871-10608-0.
  • Combination alarm: i12010S-CO-CA, manufactured between the 14th of March, 2014 and the 6th of June, 2014. UPC: 0-47871-10607-3. The reason for recall is that after a power outage the alarm could fail to alert. You can contact Kidde Canada (888-784-2323) for a free replacement.
  • Sure Signal Products issued a recall in November of 2015 for heat activated fire alarms that were sold under a number of brand names.
    • MasterGuard QR50
    • Thermalink QR50
    • DeTech FST2004H

Just shy of 500,000 of these alarms were sold in North America and were recalled due to an issue with the fuse. It can degrade over time, leaving it liable to fail to alert. The fuses will have a label marked with 117, or 136, degrees Fahrenheit, there will also be a date code reading 04001-15182.

If you have one of these alarms, you could contact 855-202-3083 for a replacement fuse.

400 and 500 Series ESL and Interlogix Smoke Detectors

These are used in both commercial and residential properties.

There are a number of models affected, and you will find the codes on the back of the device:

  • 400 Series- 13084 to 14059: 429AT, 429C, 429CAD, 429CRT, 429CST, 429CT, 429CTAD, 449AT, 449C, 449CRT, 449CSRH, 449CSRT, 449CST, 449CSTE, 449CT and 449CTE.
  • 500 Series- 13084 to 14059: 511C, 518C, 521B, 521BXT, 521B-10PKDMP, 521B-10PKG, 521BXT-10PKG, 521BXT-DMP-10PKG, 528B, 528CRXT, 541C, 541C-10PKG, 541CXT, 541-CXT-10PK, 548C, C2M-PD, C2M-PD1, C2M-PDC, C2M-PDHC and C2M-PDHRC.

There are about 200,000 units affected across the United States and Canada. The original recall date was 2014 and the reason for it is that they can be left non-responsive to smoke due to interference from radio frequency. If you suspect that you may be part of this recall, call the company who installed your system to confirm whether you may be affected.

Look For Kidde & Garrison Nameplates

Kidde initially issued a recall for its Plastic Valve Disposable Fire Extinguisher back in 2014, but issued another recall for different models in 2015, that were affected by the same issue.

These units can be red or white and will have either Kidde or Garrison on the nameplate, as well as the model/serial number. A few hundred thousand of these were sold across North America and were stocked in stores like Wal Mart, Home Depot and Menards.

Model numbers involved in the first recall:

  • Kidde 1A 10BC
  • Kidde 1A 10BCW
  • Kidde 2A 10BC
  • Garrison 2A 10BC
  • Garrison 5BC
  • Kidde 5BC
  • Kidde 5BCW
  • Kidde FC110