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Fire Safety-What You Ought To Know

By June 28, 2018Fire Safety News

According to the Safe Kids Worldwide statistics, every day there is at least one child who dies due to a home fire and the number of children injured because of fires every day stands at 293.

Of all the fires occurring in Toronto, home fires are the cause of nearly 90% of all fire-related fatalities.

How can you prevent your child from being the next fire victim?

1. Utilize a smoke alarm

With smoke alarms, you will be able to reduce the chances of a family member dying in a fire by half. Make sure that your smoke alarms are working properly at all times.

2. Create an escape plan

Escape plans are vital when it comes to preventing fire deaths. Studies show that nearly 77% of families do not have a fire escape plan. For the smoke alarm to be useful, families need to develop and practice a fire escape plan. When a fire breaks out in a house, occupants may have as little as two minutes to save themselves. This is because some types of fires spread very quickly and can be disastrous just a few minutes after breaking out.

Be on the safe side by having working smoke alarms and practicing an escape plan.


Infograph Credit: https://www.safekids.org/infographic/infographic-fire-safety