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First Aid & Fire Training Essentials

By November 29, 2016Fire Safety News
The Four Major Causes of Fires in the Workplace

First Aid & Fire Training Essentials

Many emergency situations such as first aid and knowledge of proper fire training can change the outcome of a small situation. Usually building fires start small and if found in its early stages a civilian with proper training can completely eliminate the situation or keep the fire isolated for everyone to get to safety.

Fire Training

Undertaking fire training and fire safety will allow a person to discern the situation of a fire. Not every fire outbreak can be dealt with just fire extinguishers or in house fire safety equipment but knowing how to isolate/slow a fire can be the difference between saving lives and property from being lost.

There are a few things to keep in mind using fire training:

  • Make sure the fire extinguishers in your building/business are up to date
  • Investigate the contents of the fire – so that there are no explosive containers
  • Decide whether the fire can be put out with the available fire extinguisher or to get everyone to safety outside of the building

Using your knowledge in fire training you can save your property from damage and any life that may have been lost in a dangerous situation but remember it’s better to discern what kind of fire you’re dealing with before attempting to put it out. If you want to go the extra distance getting a few specialized fire extinguishers can be of great use as you could expect to be dealing with different types of fires.

First Aid

First aid is the beginning of a process that assesses the medical emergency a person is having. Many minor and some serious medical emergencies such as a heart attack or a stroke can be addressed with first aid. Anyone has the capability to learn and use first aid and it is one of the fundamental aspects a civilian can do before emergency personnel or an ambulance arrives and in some situations it can be the ultimate difference in a persons survival.

If more people in their communities or businesses had training in fire safety and first aid many lives could be saved on a per day basis.