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Home Fire Prevention Tips

By June 29, 2018Fire Safety News

It is devastating to realize that 1 of 22 residential homes is bound to catch fire as a result of cooking fire every year. Based on recent stats, kitchen fires, especially those arising from unattended cooking, happened to be the leading cause of most fire breakouts, far more than any other fires such as those generated by fireplace zones, electrical appliances, home smoking and fires from furnaces.

In a year, kitchen fires can account for 5,000 injuries, over 400 deaths and destruction of property worth $993 million dollars.

To avoid falling prey to cooking fires, follow these tips so that you can stay safe and well protected:

  • Install functional fire alarms in your entire house
  • Use cooking appliances cautiously
  • Avoid using water on grease fires
  • Get well informed on what to do when a cooking fire arises
  • Always stay alert while in the kitchen
  • Make sure pets and children are away from the cooking area
  • Put away all things that can easily catch fire away from heat

For more tips on fire safety for your house, for kids at school or for a work area, look up our series on fire safety immediately.

infographic fire prevention
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