Preparing Children For Fire Emergencies

There are few images as terrifying for a parent than picturing their child facing a towering fire, and yet hundreds of thousands of children have has to face just such a task

Educate Your Child

It’s crucial that every child know what to do in case of an emergency fire situation – where to go, how to evacuate the house, how to avoid smoke, and more. If you’re worried that your kids may not be ready to face a fire in your home, read through our key steps to preparing your child for a fire-based emergency.

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Teach Safe Fire Handling

First, kids need to know that it isn’t safe for them to be handling fire, whether that’s a match or a lighter. Likewise, be sure that they’re aware to keep flammable objects away from anything that generates heat, such as heaters, lamps, and more. Make sure to walk them through the reasons behind why fire prevention is so important, and the dangers of home fires.

While it’s tempting to shield your kids from the harsh truths of a house fire, be sure they know the real dangers and fire hazards that occur on a daily basis. Everything from electrical issues to a stray cigarette can lead to a fire that engulfs your entire house!

Practice a Fire Evacuation

Developing a fire evacuation plan is a crucial step in home fire protection, but making the plan isn’t enough! Take time to sit down with your kids, walk them through each step of the plan, and then practice that plan.

Thankfully, this step is easy to follow through with children: kids love to play games, so it’s easy to persuade them to play “make believe” that the house is on fire! Give them the challenge of escaping the house safely, and they’ll set about remembering every small detail of the evacuation plan and executing it perfectly. While this may just be a game now, this practice will ensure your kids will know what to do if a fire emergency ever arises.

Pass On Key Tips

Kids will devote themselves to learning about a topic if you can impress the important of the subject – when it comes to fire protection, children will be eager to learn how to keep themselves safe if you can present the information in an earnest and interesting way.

The easiest example to teach is the classic “Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll” – make it a game by having the children physically practice the technique. Have your kids practice how they should travel when there is smoke billowing through the house by crawling on their hands and knees from their bedrooms to the outside of the house. The more they practice, the easier it will be for them to react in an emergency situation.

Teach By Example

Practice what you preach – be sure that, when your kids see you handling fire, they see you treat it with respect and the utmost care. If you treat fire like the potentially dangerous thing it is, your children will follow your lead.

Make Sure Your child Know How To handle Fire Emergencies

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