Myths About Home Fire Sprinklers

Steadfast debunks the myths behind home fire sprinklers

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The Myths

There are many myths that keep homeowners from considering installing a fire sprinkler system, and they include everything from unreliability of the units to their price. But how many of these myths are founded? Let’s debunk a few of the popular myths, so you can be on your way to purchasing fire sprinklers for yourself.

They'll Go Off When There is No Fire

Due to the unreliability of smoke detectors, many people fear that a fire sprinkler will be just as unreliable. What if the sprinkler goes off when there is no fire at all? Nothing could ruin cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast like a deluge of water!

Thankfully, fire sprinkler systems don’t react to smoke present in the room – they react directly to heat. The levels of heat that trigger a fire sprinkler can only really be present during an actual fire: normal room temperatures don’t reach the levels needed to activate the sprinkler. You can feel safe knowing you can cook your breakfast in peace!

The System is Connected

If one goes off, they all go off… or so people think. People are concerned that if a fire starts up in their home, all the sprinklers they have installed will turn on and floor their house. As if having a fire in your home isn’t bad enough, having the other rooms in your home be flooded simply adds insult to injury.

The truth is that individual sprinkler heads are not connected – each sprinkler only goes off when it’s triggered by heat in the area. This means that a sprinkler will react only if the fire is in its vicinity, and will remain turned off otherwise.

They Are Expensive

Homeowners are often concerned at the potential investment they’ll need to make when buying a fire sprinkler system. Most people don’t know that, as far as home improvements go, fire sprinklers are rather inexpensive. When it comes to how much a sprinkler system will cost, the prices will vary depending on your region and the setup of your home, but generally the addition costs about the same as your average home improvement. A fire sprinkler system won’t break the bank!

They Aren't Worth the Trouble

People often wonder whether a fire sprinkler system is worth all the effort – after all, they have a smoke detector, and they’ve never had even a small fire appear in their home. Why worry about installing a fire sprinkler at all?
Firefighters around the world have vouched for the effectiveness of fire sprinklers, and have begun urging homeowners to have a sprinkler system installed. A ex-firefighter has even recently developed an outdoor fire sprinkler that is designed to protect homes against wildfires, and reach areas of the roof that firefighters have difficulty reaching themselves. Fire sprinklers are a firefighters best friend, and can protect you, your loved ones, and your home from the ever-present threat of a house fire.

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