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Sprinkler Heads: Standard vs. Quick Response

By June 28, 2018Fire Safety News
Sprinkler Heads

The quality of your fire protection Toronto plan highly depends on the type of fire sprinkler you choose. This means that it is vital for you to realize the different types of sprinkler heads available when you are looking to safeguard your building.

If you have been shopping around, you may have already realized that the main types of sprinkler heads available are standard and quick response. Although the main function of the two is the same, to extinguish fires and provide protection for those in danger, each type deals with its own specific hazard.

The Standard Response

You will mostly find the Standard Response (SR) in large industrial or commercial buildings such as factories and warehouses. When a fire breaks out, this type of sprinkler head wets and cools the surrounding areas, which cuts out the fuel source and prevents the spread of flames. As a result, the fire is slowed down enabling the fire fighters to reach on time to deal with the problem before it becomes a disaster.

SR sprinkler heads become active when the fire breaks out directly below them as they undergo individual activation.

The Quick Response (QR)

Commonly utilized for light hazard situations, quick response sprinkler heads are applicable in schools, assisted living facilities, and office buildings. What differentiates them from the SR sprinkler heads is the fact that they can discharge water toward the higher levels of walls and ceilings to prevent the fire from rising. One of the advantages of this kind of water discharge is the cooling effect it has on the ceiling which gives occupants time to evacuate safely.

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