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The Importance of Special Hazard Fire Suppression Systems

By June 24, 2019Fire Safety News

Manufacturing and industrial facilities are at high risk of fire emergencies. These are often considered dangerous work environments and special measures must be put in place to protect people and property from impending fires. Thankfully, there are very strict regulations that govern manufacturing facilities and industrial spaces to protect workers and infrastructure. Guidelines on material handling and machinery operation have been put in place to keep fire hazards at bay.

Before you decide which fire suppression system is best for your facility, take time to understand the fire hazards. Common fire hazards are things like heating equipment, tools and flammable liquids stored in industrial and manufacturing properties. Installing the traditional water-based fire suppression systems will not help in suppressing these types of fires. In fact, some of these systems can end up causing more harm than good.

Specialized fire suppression systems for industrial and manufacturing facilities offer a safer and more prepared environment in the event of a fire emergency. We’ll explain how in the paragraphs below.

1. They protect valuable equipment

Even though valuable equipment in your industrial or manufacturing chain is insured, damage can result in significant downtime that means loss of revenue or costly repairs and replacements. Many companies understand this and invest in specialized fire suppression systems that are designed to protect critical equipment in an effective way.

Fire protection needs to be considered at the machine level as well. Invest in a fire protection service that will not only safeguard the facility but also ensure that your high-value equipment is kept safe. There are also enclosed spaces such as hazardous material storage cabinets and micro-equipment enclosures that need to be adequately protected. That’s where targeted fire suppression systems come in. They are designed to take care of special hazards that could put your facility at risk of losses.

2. Better standards of fire protection

Just because your building is up to code doesn’t mean you are adequately protected against fire hazards. Specialized fire suppression systems raise the standards of fire protection and help ensure that the facility itself is protected from fire. Building codes are designed to keep the occupants safe and get them out of the facility before the fire spreads. Specialized fire protection systems are meant to address specific hazards, which may be unique to your business but can go a long way in saving you time and money.

3. Address individual challenges

By investing in specialized fire suppression systems in your industrial facility, you can address specific hazards that put your building at risk of costly fire damage. For instance, if you have areas where you store flammable liquids, investing in a more effective fire detection system that responds faster to emergencies will ensure rapid reaction and help in controlling the fire. Fire protection companies can visit the industrial building and assess each hazard type individually then recommend the best agent and detection method that will deliver adequate protection. They will understand your unique fire hazards and help you to find the equipment that effectively protects against them.