The Rundown on Fire Safety Inspections

If you own a commercial or residential property, you’ll want to have a fire safety inspection of the location at some point.

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Having an expert survey the building for potential fire dangers and threats can reduce your risk of a fire breaking out at the site.

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Checking Equipment

When a fire inspector arrives at your location, they’re going to begin surveying already existing equipment that exists on-site. The inspector… usually an ex-fireman or police officer… will check out smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire sprinklers in the building, examining them for any defects or wear-and-tear. They’ll also locate the fire extinguishers in the building and make sure they are in tip-top shape. They’ll ensure that these pieces of equipment are located at key zones where they can do the most good, such as making sure fire sprinklers are positioned above areas where they can cover the most area in a room.

Locate Fire Hazards

Another thing that an inspector will do is located any fire hazards in the building: this is a key part of the process, and it’s what makes fire safety inspections something that you’ll want to pursue on a regular basis.

Fire hazards are numerous, and an experienced fire safety inspector will know how to spot them. Once located, an inspector will discuss your options with you, laying out how best to take care of the hazard as quickly and efficiently as possible. Depending on the type of hazard and the level of danger, you may need to take care of it straight away, or you may have some time to decide on how you could best manage it.

Confirming Your Escape Plan

For any property you own, you should have a detailed plan of escape should there be an emergency situation on the premises. An inspector will want to know the details of your fire escape plan, so they can assess the potential shortcomings or hazards in the plan itself. It might be that the plan you designed will not allow for quick evacuation, or won’t be able to accommodate all locations in a building.

Plan for the Future

Lastly, once your inspector has taken a look at the whole of the property, they will want to sit you down and discuss options you can pursue to protect your property against fire damage. They will be able to pin-point trouble spots, and will have good ideas of how to protect those spots.

Because of their vast knowledge in the field, an inspector will be able to tell you about the best and most affordable options available to you. It may turn out that you need additional fire sprinklers in a certain zone within your commercial building in order to ensure safety – an inspector will be able to suggest moderately priced options, along with what type of fire sprinkler would be best.

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