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Tips For Protecting Data Centers From Fire Hazards

By March 8, 2017Fire Safety News
Fire Hazards

Your data center is probably one of the most critical areas of your business. Without investing in proper fire mitigation procedures, you risk losing all your data and creating costly interruptions in your business. In case a fire breaks out, you need to ensure that the hub of your business remains intact. We will share a few tips on how to protect data centers from fire hazards.

Look For A Proper Fire Suppression System

Data centers require fire suppression systems with the following components:

– A complete fire alarm system with smoke detectors, sirens, strobe lights and pull stations among other elements.

– A reliable fire detection system that is not susceptible to false alarms.

– Proper fire extinguishers that are placed strategically in the building.

Fire suppression system that is designed to eliminate fires that start from electronic equipment. Water should not be used as a fire extinguishing agent in data centers. This is because it can lead to additional water damage. Clean agents are most suitable for electronic fires.

Install And Maintain Proper Fire Equipment

Fire protection Toronto equipment must be carefully selected to suit the needs of your data center. Also make sure the system is properly installed so as to live up to its expectations. Maintenance of this equipment is also key in making sure it provides the best protection when you need it most. Remember to schedule inspections and testing to be carried out by a qualified company. Make sure the inspections are up to code for the different types of fire equipment in the data center.

Safety guidelines To Follow

It is important to take preventative steps even if you have the best fire protection equipment in place. One of the most important steps you can take to prevent a blaze is to keep flammable materials away from the data center. Flammable materials can worsen a small fire that could be put out with a fire extinguisher. This includes items like cardboard boxes, plastics and Styrofoam.

It is easy to find your data center with a collection of flammable materials such as cardboard boxes that were used to carry new equipment. Create rules to ensure that no packaging materials that could become a fire hazard are brought into the data center. If there are flammable materials that need to be kept in the data center, make sure you look for fire-retardant boxes or cabinets where they can be stored. Create policies on how the data center should be protected against fire hazards and enforce them to protect the area.

Clean agent systems can successfully extinguish fires in data centers without causing significant damage. The use of a clean agent system can help to ensure limited losses and business continuity in the event of a fire hazard. It provides the kind of protection that a water sprinkler system cannot. In fact, sprinkler systems may result in water damage which is expensive and time consuming to deal with. It is important to carefully select the fire protection system that is best for your data center.