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Top 8 Ways To Fireproof Your Office

By February 6, 2017Fire Safety News
Fireproof Office

Get and Maintain a Smoke Alarm

If you don’t have a smoke alarm, get one! Smoke alarms are one of the cheapest preventive devices you can install in your office or any other commercial building, and they require little-to-no maintenance. Smoke alarms have warned millions of people about fires they might not have otherwise spotted.

Don’t Overload Power Outlets

A key step in fire protection is making sure you make smart choices when it comes to electrical outlets and appliances. One of these smart choices is making sure to never plug too many things into one outlet. There are plenty of adapters that allow for multiple plugs to be used on one outlet, but there are limits to what each outlet can handle. Older buildings will have a harder time managing large electrical loads, so be careful and make smart decisions.

Invest in Fire Sprinklers

Firefighters the world over vouch for the effectiveness of fire sprinklers – there is no commercial installation as effective at fire protection as sprinklers! Fire sprinklers can be installed at key locations around your building, and when a fire breaks out, they will take care of the flame before it becomes a larger blaze.

Keep Windows Clear

Make sure to avoid putting large pieces of furniture or clutter in front of the path to windows. Windows are a sure method of escape in the case of a fire, and you may not have time or clarity of thought to move furniture out of the way in order to escape. This tip is especially important for those who work in small, confined spaces.

Get a Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher at any commercial or industrial building is a must according to Building Codes in Canada. It can provide you with a quick route of taking care of a fire that’s gotten out of hand. If the fire is too big to snuff out in another safe way, having a fire extinguisher on hand can mean the difference between a small, inconvenient flame, and needing to call in the fire department.

Have a Plan

When a fire does break out in your office, you and your coworkers will likely be flustered and stressed, unable to think up a plan of escape on the fly. This is where a pre-made plan will help keep you safe. Discussing a means of evacuation is vital to the continued safety of everyone who works at specific location.

Get Inspected

Lastly, if you’re unsure how to pursue additional protective measures for your building, seek out a professional fire inspector. An inspector will be able to look over your home, assess danger areas, and work with you to make your home fireproof.