What You Need to Include in a Fire Safety Plan

Keeping your students, tenants, customers or employees safe is without any doubt a top priority. This is why you need to design foolproof fire safety plans and secure them in the fire safety plan boxes. But what should you include in the plan? The objective of this article is to help you develop a great fire safety plan for the best fire protection in Toronto. The article also shares a little information on the fire safety plan boxes.

In Toronto, fire safety plans are a requirement for different types of businesses and buildings. For starters, schools are required to have fire safety plans. Businesses that work with any flammable materials are also required to have the fire safety plans. Buildings that have over three stories are also required to have a fire safety plan. The same goes for apartment buildings, hospitals, clinics, condominiums, restaurants and several types of businesses. Upon developing your fire plan, it has to be approved by the Ontario Fire Marshall. This must be done before you place it in the fire safety plan boxes. It is also good to note that the fire safety plan boxes also need to meet the local fire codes.

What information should the plan include?

It is a no-brainer that the fire safety plan needs to include information on safe evacuation procedures in the event of a fire. The plan will also include other important pieces of information. The information needed will include the following:

  • Information on the alarm systems
  • Location of fire alarms and the fire alarm panels
  • Information on the fire sprinklers
  • Information on the fire vehicle route
  • Information on the elevator systems
  • Emergency backup systems
  • Types of extinguishers on-premise and their location
  • List of people responsible for the carrying out of supervisory roles in regards to fire safety

The requirements vary depending on the type of business and building. Some buildings/businesses will require more fire alarms than others whereas some may not need as many fire sprinklers.

Your fire safety plan will also need to have information that has been provided to the occupants of your building. What information has been given to them in regards to what they need to do when they see smoke or fire? All the occupants need to be familiar with the location of all the entrances and exits. They should also have been given instructions on how to evacuate when there is an emergency. Every occupant should also understand the rules and regulations on potential fire hazards.

Placing this information in the fire safety plan boxes is not enough. You will need to make sure that the fire exits have been marked clearly. You will also need to post essential safety steps. This is required by law for businesses and schools. It is also paramount for the business owner and landlord to understand the fire codes that apply to their unique situation. For complete fire protection, fire drills and fire procedure reviews are also a must.

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