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Who is a Firefighter?

By November 29, 2016Fire Safety News
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A Firefighter is a highly skilled person that combats and in turn extinguishes fires. A firefighter prevents fires and can act as an emergency medical technician. Firefighters are first responders to any emergency and are comprised of professional firefighters and volunteer firefighters from their local communities.

Firefighter Duties

Firefighters responsibilities include fighting and preventing fires, caring for the sick and injured as well as investigating fires to prevent further occurrences. Although fighting fires is a firefighters primary duty above all else hence the title “firefighter” but when treating the sick and injured official firefighters are required an EMT certification to correctly apprehend and are for an injured person.

if you’ve ever wondered how firefighters are always there in an emergency around the clock that is because firefighters mostly live and work at their fire stations. This way firefighters can act quickly and be on the scene no matter the time of the day or night.


A firefighter’s Equipment

Firefighter Personal Protection Equipment

  • Helmet
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Gloves
  • Boots

This equipment is made of fire resistant and water-proof material. While the boots have extra steel insoles to protect against sharp objects.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

This is essential for a firefighter as it lets them breathe inside buildings filled with smoke. The apparatus gives the firefighter roughly 15-60 minutes of oxygen depending on the work they are doing in burning buildings.

Firefighters go through rigorous training because without their physical aptitude their very own fire equipment could harm them, while the breathign apparatus provide oxygen the firefighter themselves has to be physically fit or else breathing through the apparatus with over 70 pounds of equipment on you could put immense stress on their bodies. Firefighters risk their lives everytime they respond to an emergency not just from fires but also from having to deal with all their equipment weighing on them.