Emergency Lighting For When You Need It Most

Emergency Lighting Systems are required to be inspected and tested on a continual basis; they are your eyes to get you out of the building in the event of an emergency.

Protect Yourself
and Your Customers

Your emergency lights are there for the occupants of the building, whether it be a fire, smoke or a power failure.

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Our Emergency Lights Are Always Ready

Our technicians will inspect, test and maintain your lighting in accordance with The Ontario Fire Code, it will be ready to perform when you need it most!

New Equipment and Replacement Parts

We now stock a full line of photo-luminescent exit signs and anti slip step edge and pathway marking products!

The exit signs come in 3 options with 3 different sizes (Specification Sheet)

Single Sided (No frame)
Single Sided (Framed)
Double Sided (Framed)

Avaulable in 3 sizes, 50 foot, 75 foot and 100 foot visibility. All are ULC listed and approved to meet or exceed UL924.

We also carry the LED Exit Bulbs — free replacement if any fail within 10 years, with an expected life of 25 years! You’ll never need to change an exit bulb again and you’ll only spend $4 (FOUR!) per year for each exit sign in hydro power instead of the $45+ per sign you are now spending. You will recoup your investment in these bulbs within 12 months!

Emergency Lighting Inspection And Maintenance

Emergency lighting is a type of backup lighting that automatically switches on when the main power supply fails or is cut. When there’s no electricity from the main power supply due to a fire or any other reason, it may result in total darkness and a potentially dangerous situation to occupants of the building. Emergency lighting is put in place not only to protect the occupants from any sort of physical harm but also to provide security and prevent panic.

Why Inspection And Maintenance Is Important

After installing emergency lighting, building owners should ensure that it operates fully and effectively. This form of lighting is designed to sufficiently illuminate an area so that the people are able to safely evacuate the premise. The lighting can be installed when a building is being constructed and it should be according to the local authority requirements.

Maintenance is generally done to ensure that the emergency lighting is at full operational status. If servicing is required, it should be specified and done immediately. Items like replacement lamps and spares that are part of the emergency lighting system may need to be replaced from time to time.

Servicing And Testing

Emergency lighting systems must be serviced and tested according to local guidelines. Testing can be done by simulating a mains power failure on the usual lighting circuit. When the mains power supply is cut, the emergency lighting system will automatically be switched on. It normally operates via the battery supply. Testing can be done either manually or automatically.

Manual Vs. Automatic Testing Of Emergency Lighting

Manual testing is cheaper but it can cause a lot of disruption in the building. For instance, the tester has to walk throughout the whole building in order to ensure the emergency luminaries are operating correctly. Furthermore, the tester can use switches that are likely to mess with the building’s décor.

Automatic testing on the other hand is less time consuming but may require the expertise of an engineer. Automatic testing also causes minimal disruption in a building that’s why it’s normally recommended in premises that are very busy. There are different ways of performing automatic testing depending on the site requirements.

Once the testing is carried out, whether automatic or manual, the system’s performance needs to be documented in the fire safety logbook. If failures are detected during testing, there must be remedies administered as soon as possible.

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