The Very Best Kitchen Fire Extinguishers in Toronto

As industry leaders of kitchen fire suppression in Toronto, we carry rugged components and systems that incorporate cutting edge technology and flexible application.

You Can Prevent
Kitchen Fires

Having a kitchen fire extinguisher isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Most fires start in the kitchen so you should be prepared.

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We Carry All Types of Fire Suppression Products

Choose from a range of wet chemical fire suppression systems for the protection of your kitchen exhaust hoods, plenums, ductwork and cooking appliances. Other important features to be considered when choosing the right kind of fire extinguisher include the weight and ease of mounting and manoeuvring an extinguisher. In case of fires, you should be able to take hold of the apparatus quickly in order to effectively tackle the situation in front of you.

When choosing fire extinguishers in Toronto, consider Steadfast Safety Services for qualified service on all major brands such as Protex II, Ansul, Amerex, Pyro-Chem, Range Guard, and Kidde. Our quality guarantee includes:

  • Semi Annual Inspection
  • Annual Inspections
  • System Recharges
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Repairs
  • Retrofits

Fire Extinguisher Installations

We offer unmatched service for new installations of kitchen fire extinguishers in Toronto facilities. All equipment will be installed according to current UL300 standards to ensure the safest kitchen fire suppression for your occupants or business.

As a result of changing cooking styles around the turn of the 21st century, the UL300 was established to deal with the process and modernized equipment typically present in contemporary commercial kitchens.

The kitchen is one of the most likely places as origin sites of many fire related incidents in offices, and commercial buildings. Direct fires and high power electrical appliances all pose risks that make kitchen fire extinguishers in Toronto facilities a necessity. We typically recommend wet chemical fire extinguishers that can combat the flammable substances such as cooking and vegetable oils and paper products that make kitchen fires such complex situations.

Fire Extinguishers for Restaurants

For restaurants, there is no safety measure more important than investing in the best possible kitchen fire suppression system in Toronto. Restaurant fires have become increasingly difficult to suppress and contain because of the changes brought about in modern kitchens as well. As a result, dry chemical systems that were once so effective in fire prevention at one time are no longer able to suppress or sustain an extinguished fire like the wet chemical agents present in the UL 300 systems. This is why we offer choices that are equipment friendly, rapidly control fires, cool hot surfaces and minimize cleanup time.

This means a fire will be less likely to hinder your business from functioning optimally after the event of a fire. Further, we have systems that make fire suppression look great and use exclusive stainless steel enclosures to effortlessly blend into your kitchen aesthetic. To offer the most flexibility for your business, we provide systems that come in both 1.5 and 3-gallon sizes that can be installed in various configurations to protect a range of kitchen appliances.

How A Kitchen Fire Extinguisher Works

Having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen is very important. In most modern homes, you’ll find fire extinguishers placed near the kitchen’s exit to allow occupants to grab and use the safety device in the event of a fire to at least control the flames before the firefighters arrive. Kitchen fire extinguishers are made to suppress different kinds of flames. There are those designed for electrical flames whereas others can be used in ordinary combustibles as well as flammable liquids.

Many kitchen fire extinguishers Toronto are designed to fight all these types of fires. They do come in different sizes and some are even rechargeable which means that they can be refilled after use or when the pressure goes down. Rechargeable fire extinguishers may be costly to buy but they are cost effective in the sense that you’ll never have to buy a new one after every use.

Learn How To Use It

Having a fire extinguisher in your kitchen is the first step. Learning how to use it is the next important step. You can start by checking at your local fire department whether they provide homeowner training on using fire extinguishers. This safety equipment should be placed where it can be easily seen. It’s usually recommended placing it near a room’s exit. This will allow you to escape quickly through the exit door before the flames get out of hand.

How To Use Fire Extinguisher

  1. First, you will need to pull the extinguisher’s safety pin. This will ensure that the contents can be released from the system.
  2. Next, aim the source of the flames as opposed to the flames themselves. Make sure you are at least 6 feet away from the fire.
  3. While holding it upright, squeeze the fire extinguisher’s trigger and sweep the source of the flame until it runs dry.

Replacing And Refilling Fire Extinguishers

When a fire extinguisher is used, it needs to be refilled or replaced immediately. It doesn’t matter if it is completely empty or some of the contents remained. Also, keep checking the pressure gauge to ensure it hasn’t gone below the required level. If the gauge indicates a lower pressure, you must replace or refill the extinguisher right away. Fire extinguishers that have lost pressure will not be effective when you need to use them. Peek at the pressure gauge periodically to keep track of the extinguisher’s pressure. Bear in mind that not all fire extinguishers can be refilled. Extinguishers that have a plastic valve should be discarded after use.

Restaurant Fire Protection

Easy Suppression System Installations

We offer the easiest installation of kitchen fire suppression systems in Toronto by providing thorough coordination throughout the process to save you valuable time and money. Protecting people and property is of paramount importance and our fire prevention systems are properly designed to reduce the impact of a kitchen fire as rapidly as possible thanks to the kitchen fire extinguishers and services we provide.

Along with the city of Toronto, Steadfast Safety Services is ready to assist you throughout a range of around the Greater Toronto Area. We are able to provide kitchen fire extinguisher assistance to all of the following areas: Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga. If your neighbourhood is not on the list or if you have any questions with regards to our areas of accessibility, please feel free to reach us through our contact page and we will assist you in any way that we can.

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Our main number (416) 322-0030 is available for you to call 24 hours a day to address your fire alarm needs and emergencies. Our professionals can quickly and efficiently assist you with troubleshooting and repairs, if necessary.

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