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What Are Fire Suppression Systems?

Having a suitable fire suppression system can help to keep fire accidents under control and prevent catastrophic losses. In restaurants and kitchens at home, a fire suppression system is one of the core safety items to invest in. It can prevent everything you’ve worked hard for from going up in flames. Furthermore, you can safeguard lives by having a suitable fire suppression system Toronto in place.

Is Your Fire Suppression System In Good Working Order?

Installing a suppression system at your commercial premise is one thing but making sure it’s in good working order is another. In most commercial kitchens, this suppression system is what can help to avoid huge losses and ensure maintenance of safety standards and code. Some buildings are old and may not have the updated systems. For instance, some buildings may have the dry fire suppression systems which have been rendered ineffective over the years.

Regular Inspections Are Important

It’s always important to ensure that the kitchen fire suppression Toronto is up to code. This can be done by conducting inspections at different intervals: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. Inspections should be carried out as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Physical inspections, where you can visually look out for signs of trouble like wear or corrosion on the system, should be conducted on a monthly basis. You also need to call in a qualified fire technician to inspect the fire suppression system every few years in order to ensure the existing set up complied to the current code.

Dry Vs. Wet Fire Suppression Systems

Dry fire suppression systems when installed in commercial kitchens have been found unable to control fires that have started from grills or gas appliances. These dry systems are unable to put out fires from modern kitchen appliances including deep fryers that can reach extremely high temperatures.

Wet fire suppression systems on the other hand are designed to help prevent the re-ignition of a fire. This is done by inhibiting the flow of fuel to certain types of appliances whenever there is a fire accident in the kitchen. For instance, the wet system can restrict flow of fuel to all appliances that use natural gas or electricity in the kitchen.

To determine whether your kitchen has a dry or wet fire suppression system, you will need to get in touch with an expert. Often, you will need to upgrade your dry system in order to be up to code.

Specialized Fire Suppression Systems

In Toronto, fire suppression systems for computer and data centers are rapidly growing and can protect the invaluable nerve center of your organization. These specialized systems are able to combat fire emergencies while preserving sensitive technology and equipment. In addition, the suppression agent is easy to clean up and ensures you do not exceed the maximum tolerable downtime threshold. Emergency power off switches also make these fire suppression systems Toronto’s most reliable in terms of catering to the needs of facilities containing electrical or electronic devices. As such, possessing the right fire suppression system can be crucial to your needs in a number of settings including, but not limited to cafeterias and food service locations, where kitchen fire suppression systems are most essential.

Clean agent fire suppression systems are Toronto’s favourite for detecting and suppressing fires in highly sensitive and electronically critical environments. Clean agent system with FM200 or 3M Novec 1230 both provides superior extinguishment to protect your business and your data.

Industry Leaders In Fire Suppression Systems

As industry leaders in fire suppression systems in Toronto, Steadfast Safety Services provides innovative designs that deliver quality and performance. Further, we offer the flexibility and variety to meet your particular fire safety needs. Suppression agent tanks are available in dual sizes of ten inches in diameter. Streamlined yet effective, our agent tanks can be easily stowed in limited spaces. Further, we also offer agent tank refilling in increments of two pounds for small tanks and three pounds in larger tanks for a more custom and tailored installation.

Fire Suppression Systems of the Future

Power failures are no longer a cause of concern with the Amerex CPS; monitored by electrical control panel and backed up by a battery system, your system stays function for 24 hours during power failures. Unwanted system discharge is also reduced with the unique cross-zoned photoelectric smoke detectors. Offering some of the more environmentally friendly fire suppression systems in Toronto, Amerex CPS uses FM-200 or 3M Novec 1230, which are extinguishing agents designated safer for the environment than Halon 1301.

The extinguishing agents used in the Amerex CPS is FM-200 or 3M NOVEC 1230. The chemical name for FM-200 is Heptafluoropropane (CF3CH-FCF3), identified in NFPA 2001 as HFC-227ea. This agent was developed as an environmentally safe alternative to Halon 1301 and is intended to prevent business interruption due to the risks of fire and to prevent the loss of irreplaceable, high value assets from fire.

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