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Being able to use fire safety equipment correctly and efficiently can make the difference between a small accident and an emergency.

Learn How To
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Steadfast Safety Services provides the most comprehensive fire extinguisher training in Toronto to minimize fire related threats to your business and your community.

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Fire Extinguishers Used Properly

Statistical findings show that fire extinguishers, when properly used, are effective for extinguishing fires over 95% of the time. With suitable training, fire extinguishers are easy to use and highly effective, making them your first defense in the event of a fire-related incident. In addition to preventing small fire accidents from becoming life-threatening emergencies that endanger your employees or occupants, fire extinguisher training for Toronto facilities also prevents the costly downtime and loss in property that result from fire disasters that could have been easily prevented.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Training Your Employees and Occupants Is Easy and Safe

The steps and information involved with proper use of fire extinguishers can be surprisingly complex. Proper fire extinguisher training in Toronto is something that is decisive to benefit from. There are key rules to keep in mind before deciding whether or not it is safe to fight a fire with a fire extinguisher. You should know what is burning because if you don’t then you won’t know what the proper type of extinguisher to use is in these situations, or if there even is one. You also never know if the object burning is at risk of exploding or releasing noxious smoke. Another important factor to keep in mind is the rapidity of a fire spreading. Only during the early moments of a fire episode should a fire extinguisher be used. If a fire is spreading rapidly, then an evacuation is the better option. These are only a few key examples to demonstrate the necessity for fire extinguisher guidance. Fortunately, Steadfast Safety Services can provide one of the easiest and most suitable fire extinguisher training services in Toronto and the GTA.

Fire Extinguishers Training for Businesses

We offer an accreditation certificate and individual certificates with personal names for your company and all participating individuals.

With our Bull Ex Fire Extinguisher Training System that utilizes computer-generated, laser-video simulation with real-time interactivity technology. The most intelligent program for fire extinguisher training in Toronto, the Bull Ex is practical and ideal because it can be entirely completed indoors without the mess and hazards of fire and smoke. Our professionals will brief you on safety information and correct usage in a comprehensive, one-hour presentation that uses hands-on and interactive training techniques.

Catered to your company or community, we welcome group bookings and flexible costs based on participant numbers. If more than one session is required, we also offer a quantity discount to provide you with the most cost-efficient fire extinguisher training in Toronto. Fires can cost resources and even lives, but all it takes is 90 minutes to make sure you and your occupants are trained to respond correctly when it matters most.

Fire Extinguishers Training Basics

Understand The Basics Of Fire Extinguisher Training

It is important for employees, tenants and homeowners to familiarize with the basic principles of using a fire extinguisher and fire hazards at different stages of firefighting. Fire safety training programs are designed for this purpose. These programs are designed to help learners prepare well for fire emergencies at home or in the workplace.

How To Operate A Fire Extinguisher

The most common technique to use when operating a fire extinguisher is:

  • Pull the pin of the fire extinguisher
  • Aim the nozzle towards the target (focus on the source of the fire as opposed to the flames)
  • Squeeze the fire extinguishers handle to release its contents (there are different types of extinguishing agents and the one that is released will depend on the type of extinguisher being used).
  • Sweep the nozzle of the extinguisher from side to side. Make sure you focus on the base of the flames and continue sweeping until the flame is put off.

Responding To A Fire Accident

Part of fire extinguisher training Toronto also includes how to respond to emergencies. There are protocols that you will be trained on and you need to adhere to when a fire erupts. For instance, you are supposed to call the fire department or sound the fire alarm immediately. As you focus on trying to extinguish the flames, make sure you’ve called for help.

Part of training also includes determining evacuation routes. This is especially essential in workplaces where there needs to be a set evacuation route that cannot be blocked. Make sure you are able to determine the way out before approaching the fire to extinguish it. In the event that the fire flares up again, you are required to move away from the area and call for professional help. If you notice the fire extinguisher is running empty and the fire is still not extinguished, leave the area immediately. In fact, evacuate the area if the flames grow beyond what you can safely handle.

Know When To Use Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are designed to handle small flames. In the event that the fire becomes too large or the environment is too dangerous, you are required to evacuate the area immediately. Fires that cover more than 60 square feet are considered too large. Don’t insist on using a fire extinguisher when the area becomes too hot or smoky or if heat, smoke and flames are about to block the evacuation routes.

Fire Prevention Training Is A Necessity

Fire prevention training in general can seem like a hassle, but it will be too late to seek out the right guidance when a potentially property and life damaging fire erupts in your business or building. Our demonstrations and training are very wide-ranging and we are prepared to offer the essential type of fire extinguisher training most suitable to your exact hazards.

Although we are based in Toronto, Steadfast Safety Services is able to assist you in a variety of places nearby or within Toronto proper. The following is a list of areas that we are able to provide fire extinguisher training to. They include Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga. If your area is not on the list or you have a specific question with regards to our areas of availability, please get in touch with us via our contact page and we will assist you in any way that we are able to

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