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All designs are reviewed by our engineer and stamped as required for submittal to the Local Authorities, Building Department, Fire Departments and Insurance companies.

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Fire Protection Engineering And Design Services

What Is Fire Protection Engineering And Design?

When investing in a new construction or renovating an existing building, it is important to work with fire protection engineers. A fire protection engineer will help to ensure that the people and property within the building are protected from fire hazards by utilizing advanced technology. Ideally, modern fire protection engineering has an aim of limiting a fire to its object or room of origin.

What To Expect?

Fire protection engineering and design services Toronto involve a number of activities. For a start, the fire protection engineers will take time to analyze potential fire hazards in a building. They will then come up with a proper design or construction that will help to mitigate fire damage. This includes outlining the arrangement and use of building that will help to prevent fire hazards.

Fire protection engineers also determine what materials, structures and industrial processes need to be in use in order to prevent fire hazards. They will also determine the design, installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems in order to ensure that the building is not only up to code but also free from fire danger.

Benefits Of Fire Protection Engineering And Design

Fire protection engineers are well versed with the nature and characteristics of different kinds of fire, are able to critically analyze a situation and develop the most suitable fire protection plan for the building. Consequently, it can help business owners to prevent massive losses that significantly undermine their bottom-line.

With proper understanding of how the fire originates and spreads within a building, fire protection engineering allows business owners to detect and control fire hazards effectively. The engineering and design process allows building owners to anticipate the behavior of different materials or machines in use during a fire accident and take steps to mitigate losses.

When To Involve Fire Protection Engineers?

The fire protection design and engineering process needs to be carried out at the earliest stages of planning in any new construction. By involving a fire protection engineer at such an early stage, building owners can enjoy greater design flexibility as well as better fire safety. The building will be designed to maximize cost benefit while making sure life and property is protected from fire.

engineering and design-sprinkler systems
Sprinkler Systems

We specialize on existing building modifications, additions and renovations. Our staff can assess your specific requirement and provide you a solution.

Kitchen Fire Safety
Kitchen Suppression Systems

We are factory trained and certified on a number of kitchen fire suppression systems. We can design and prepare engineer stamped drawings for all systems, from tender specs for facilities to a small commercial kitchen.

Dry Chemical Fire Systems

We design and install systems for open faced spray booths, automotive paint booths and industrial applications.

Carbon dioxide gas extinguishing system
Carbon Dioxide Systems

Systems to protect industrial applications like large donut fryers, chain fryers for chicken and idustrial applications like steel mills, process equipment and chemical vats and storage.

FM200 and Novec 1230

Our systems are pre engineered and require minimal installation compared to the larger engineered systems. For those large applications we have a design department that will meet your need.

Fire Alarms

From a small one zone panel to a multy loop addressable system, our associates can work with you to design and then install your fire alarm system.

emergency lighting small
Emergency Lighting System

Evaluating existing installations and providing a solution to bring your building up to today’s code requirements. Get your employees out in a fire or power outage.