Fire Alarms For Toronto Businesses

The chances of a minor fire-related incident becoming a major disaster largely hinges upon early detection and response

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Fire alarms are instrumental for notifying you of potential fires and allow you to activate the appropriate response measures to keep the situation under control. That’s why we pride ourselves in providing the most reliable and durable fire alarms in and around Toronto.

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We Install and Maintain Your Fire Alarm

The installation and maintenance of fire alarms is crucial for a number of reasons. Although a vast majority of buildings in Canada are equipped with fire alarms and smoke detectors, a significant proportion of them are estimated to not work for reasons such as aging or even a failure to replace dead batteries. Unfortunately, most serious injuries and deaths came about as a result of properties lacking a fully functioning fire alarm. This is why at Steadfast Safety Services we must stress the importance of owning and maintaining fire alarms.

Once your alarm system is installed, we are available to program and verify your technology. We can also perform all necessary testing and installations on a variety of industry leading manufacturers with efficiency and expertise. For single alarm systems in and around Toronto, we are able to carry out a full annual maintenance check and perform any necessary repairs. We are not only a distributor of state-of-the-art fire alarms for the Greater Toronto Area, we also ensure your existing system remains functional and dependable, including those not installed by us. Our technicians can inspect and test all components, including circuitry, signaling, and peripheral devices.

We Carry A Variety of Fire Alarms

Among our extensive stock of fire detection systems, we offer a variety of detection technology such as beam, heat or smoke. In addition, we understand the unique nature of each facility and will ensure the alarms we recommend are purpose-matched to the potential fire hazards and even specific insurance requirements of your business.

How Fire Alarms Work

Ask any property owner and they’ll tell you that fire alarms are a huge investment. These systems are designed to detect certain levels of smoke or heat within the property that may indicate a fire. In the event that the levels of smoke or heat are higher than usual, a bell rings to alert the occupants of the building of a fire. Some alarm systems have light signals for those occupants who may have impaired hearing.

Types Of Fire Alarms

There are so many types of alarm systems currently in the market. Choose one that is able to offer you optimal safety and protect your commercial property and its occupants. The four main types of fire alarms include conventional, analogue addressable, addressable and wireless systems. The most common fire alarms used in small buildings are conventional alarm systems mainly due to their cost-effective nature. They are designed with on and off switches. However, conventional fire alarms are more prone to false alarms.

Components Of Fire Alarms

Fire alarms usually come with a control panel, detectors and alerting devices. The control panel is what monitors the detectors and looks out for any signs of fire. Detectors come in different types including optical smoke detectors, heat, linear, fiber optic, beam, flame and ionization smoke detectors. Alerting devices like speakers and sounders can also be integrated into an alarm system. When selecting fire alarms Toronto consider all these components based on what suits your unique environment.

The Cost Of Alarm Systems

There’s the cost of purchasing a fire alarm as well as the installation fees. Basic models can be as low as $50 and the more sophisticated alarm systems can be $2,000 or more. The cost generally depends on the type of system you choose to purchase and how easy or complex it is to install it in the building. For systems that are connected to the local fire department, you may have to pay additional monitoring fees on a monthly basis. If you consider the result of fire damage or even a tragedy that may lead to loss of life or serious injuries, the money spent on fire alarms is well worth it.

Regular Testing

Fire alarms should be reliable in the event of a fire tragedy. To ensure the system remains reliable, it needs to be tested annually. You may even save money by regularly testing the alarm system because fire departments usually charge property owners an additional fee for false alarms.

Emergency Service? We have you covered!

We cover a wide range of areas in and around the GTA. Our fire alarm installation and maintenance services are available in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga. If you are uncertain as to whether or not our assistance is available to your location, feel free to call or reach us. Our information is available on our contact page. We will assist you in any way that we can, including emergency services.

For facilities such as schools, offices, condos, community centres, or commercial buildings in Toronto, fire alarm pull stations and covers are also provided by us with our quality guarantee.

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Our main number (416) 322-0030 is available for you to call 24 hours a day to address your fire alarm needs and emergencies. Our professionals can quickly and efficiently assist you with troubleshooting and repairs, if necessary.

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