Exterior Sprinkler Systems

Wildfires are a real threat to people who live in certain regions of the world – they are a threat to property, to homes, and to lives.

Protect Against Wildlifes

When a home is threatened by an interior fire, there are many safety measures set up to protect the average citizen, such as smoke alarms and fire sprinklers. When a home is overcome by a wildfire, however, there are few systems in place to protect it, besides the quick actions of dedicated firefighters.

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Installing An Exterior Sprinkler System

This is where the invention of exterior fire sprinklers enters the scene. This new installation is stepping in to help curb the wanton destruction of homes by wildfires, and firefighters are urging residents in wildfire threat zones to consider installing an exterior sprinkler system outside of their own homes.

Filling a Need

Firefighters have spent a great deal of energy trying to save homes when a wildfire hits, and it can be a difficult venture. Once hot embers blow over a house, the chance that it will catch fire is high… and if houses are congregated close together, firefighters can have a real mess on their hands.

The invention of the outdoor fire sprinkler was dreamed up by an experienced firefighter, who has seen time and time again how quickly a fire can engulf a house. Darryl Pike, a firefighter of 15 years that worked in areas such as Alberta and British Columbia, had his hand in the development of the device, hoping to make wildfires more manageable for both homeowners and firefighters alike.

The Beauty of the Fire Sprinkler System

Fire sprinklers have often been cited as a firefighters best friend – many businesses employ the use of fire sprinklers, as they’ve been lauded for their quick and efficient extinguishing methods. Fire sprinklers have ensured that small interior fires don’t grow, and are killed right from their source. Many studies have shown that, if fire sprinklers were used in more residential buildings, there would be less causalities due to fire.

An exterior fire sprinkler system takes the beauty of and interior sprinkler system to the outdoors – placed at strategic locations around the outside of the home’s roof, the system allows for firefighters to connect the system to a water source quickly, and reduce the damage done by a wildfire. The systems are designed to allow firefighters to quickly initiate them, spraying the roof in areas that firefighters would have a tough time reaching themselves.

Adoption of the Exterior Fire Sprinkler

The exterior fire sprinkler system has only been on the market for roughly a year, but firefighters are already incredibly enthusiastic about the product. Not only is it a boon for firefighters – able to protect a house and deter fires in under a minute – but it’s durable and inexpensive.

Firefighters are now urging folks in dry, forested areas to consider installing an exterior sprinkler system on their own homes. Newer and better versions of the exterior fire sprinklers are being developed constantly, and each version is being developed so that homeowners will find the systems easier to install.

Exterior Sprinkler Systems Will Protect your Home From Wildfires

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