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The Benefits of Testing and Maintenance of Fire Sprinkler Systems

By July 12, 2017Fire Safety News
Fire Sprinkler Systems

Perhaps you installed a fire sprinkler system in order to ensure your building is up to code. Having sprinkler systems in your building is actually a smart cost-saving move. Not only are you guaranteed adequate protection in the event of a fire but also you protect the occupants of the building from loss of life should a fire emergency occur.

If you are constructing a building and need to explore the fire sprinkler systems available in the market, keep in mind that they vary in terms of performance and efficiency. These systems have their unique testing and maintenance demands too. You need to find out how often you will be required to perform the necessary tests to ensure the system is up and running as it should always.

When To Perform Testing And Maintenance

The fire and building codes offer guidelines as to when and how testing and maintenance of a fire sprinkler system should be conducted. You may also have to consider testing and maintenance as a requirement from your insurance company. On the other hand, the manufacturer of the system will recommend when any maintenance or tests should be done. The National Fire Protection Agency in Canada has set guidelines on best practices when it comes to ensuring your fire protection system is fully functional always.

There are also components in the system that may require more regular checks. The manufacturer usually highlights what components need to be tested, weekly, daily or monthly. A building will need to come up with a maintenance plan and records of when these tests are done and their results.

Why Maintenance And Testing Is Important

Sprinkler system maintenance is so critical in any kind of property. Whether you run a commercial building with lots of occupants or your own residential home, ensuring the sprinklers are tested and well maintained can improve their lifespan and offer you total protection against fire hazards. In fact, there are systems that can last up to 45 years simply because of proper maintenance.

Other than that, regular maintenance can also help you to identify issues early and save thousands of dollars on costly repairs. For instance, if you notice that some components of the system have been corroded during routine maintenance, you can save money by treating it rather than allowing it to spread and having to replace the entire system in the long run.

Maintaining Your Fire Protection System

What’s even more important is that maintaining your fire protection system offers you the confidence that you are adequately safeguarded in the event of a fire hazard. There are cases where fire sprinklers have failed during an emergency because of a fault in the system that wasn’t identified due to lack of routine maintenance. You end up losing property or endangering life because of repair issues that could have been identified early enough and fixed.

Investing in a fire sprinkler is a certainly good move. But don’t have it installed and then fail to follow the best practices when it comes to testing and maintenance.