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Fire Alarms FAQs

By March 8, 2017Fire Safety News
Fire Alarms

Have you recently invested in a fire alarm but you’re not quite sure how it operates? You’ve come to the right place. Fire alarms are important fire protection Toronto systems that not only boost the value of the building but also generate savings in terms of insurance premiums. Should you decide to invest in a fire alarm, below are some basics you probably need to know:

How long Will The Fire Alarm Last You?

Fire alarms are designed to last for up to 12 years depending on how well they are maintained. It is generally recommended that you need to have the fire alarms replaced if they’ve been used for more than 12 years. This is because you want to be rest assured that the system is functioning as good as new and also incorporate the latest technical advancements by having a new system installed. Doing away with an outdated fire alarm system helps to ensure your building remains as safe as possible.

What Are Conventional Fire Alarms?

Conventional fire alarms are usually designed for smaller buildings. They will detect signs of fire such as smoke or heat and then go off individually to alert the occupants of that building. These alarm systems are normally installed on the wall or ceiling.

What Are Addressable Fire Alarms?

These fire alarms typically cost more than the conventional alarm systems; the reason being that they are customized to suit the needs of a building. Usually used in larger complex buildings, they are designed to provide critical information regarding the different detectors that make up the system. This information can be used by the firefighters or building managers to prevent future fires and reduce the impact of a fire hazard. When choosing whether this is the right fire alarm system for your building, you need to consider your needs and budget.

What Are The Main Options Of Fire Alarms To Choose From?

When shopping for a fire alarm, you are likely to come across two broad categories – ionization fire alarms and photoelectric fire alarms. Ionization fire alarms are those that are designed to detect flames, mostly in fast moving fires. Photoelectric fire alarm systems are designed for smoky fires such as electric fires that begin behind walls. There are some fire alarm systems that combine both features into one, commonly known as dual sensor fire alarms.

Why Does My Fire Alarm Make Random Noises?

Fire alarms constantly make chirping or beeping noises due to several reasons. These include:

– When the battery is not correctly installed

– When the fire alarm cover has dust or other elements blocking the sensor chamber

– When the fire alarm needs to be reset after replacing the battery

– When there is no power supply to the fire alarm. This could be due to a power surge. It needs to be reset first.

Is A Fire Alarm Needed When A Fire Sprinkler System Is Already Installed?

Certainly yes! The fire sprinkler system will only be activated after the fire has already started and the heat has reached a certain level. On the other hand, the fire alarm is designed to detect the presence of fire before it escalates and causes too much damage. Having both can help prevent excessive damage and make sure the fire department is notified early in the event of a fire hazard.