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Maintaining Commercial Dryer Vents to Keep Fire Hazards at Bay

By June 22, 2019Fire Safety News

To keep your laundry business running smoothly for a long time, maintenance is key. Servicing your equipment keeps your employees and customers safe and could prevent costly fire hazards and extensive damage that brings your operations to a standstill. One of the aspects of routine maintenance that fire protection companies recommend in laundromats or other laundry businesses is cleaning the dryer vents.

Your machines could be working harder than normal to achieve the same results simply due to lint build up. Over time, this increases the risk of overheating and a severe fire hazard. Dryer fires cause serious risks, especially in commercial environments. This is because there are usually several machines placed in close proximity to each other. Cleaning the dryer vents can go a long way in protecting yourself and others from the risks of dryer fires.

How can you tell the dryer vents need cleaning?

There are various signs to look out for. The common ones include:

  • The dryer is taking longer than normal to dry clothes. You notice you have to run the machine longer to achieve dry clothes.
  • The machine becomes unusually hot after running for some time. Dryers can release some heat during operation but it shouldn’t be to an extent which you notice hot air coming out of the unit or clothes feeling extra hot when removed from the dryer.
  • If you smell burning from inside your unit, something is up. It could mean that the lint build up is really bad and needs to be dealt with immediately. Do not run the dryer if you smell burning, stop the machine and call a licensed technician to investigate further.

How is the cleaning process conducted?

Commercial dryer vent cleaning must be done by a professional in order to achieve the best results. If you notice any of the signs we’ve mentioned above, call a specialist contractor who performs dryer vent cleaning for commercial equipment to sort out the issue.

The technician will begin by performing a visual inspection to ensure the vents and pipework are damaged and need to be repaired or replaced first. If all the components are in good shape, the technician will get to work using specialized dryer cleaning tools.

The lint that has accumulated in the dryer vents together with any debris will be removed. Once it’s removed, the technician will clean the ductwork and filters then test to ensure the machine is in good working order. Expect a report that will consist of all the work carried out.

How often do commercial dryer vents need to be cleaned?

Experts recommend commercial dryer vent cleaning to be done approximately every 3 to 5 years. However, you may perform more regular cleaning in order to keep the dryer running at optimal levels always. Even a small amount of lint build up can affect the machine’s performance and result in significant increases in energy costs. Invest in dryer vent cleaning to keep the machines running optimally and maintain healthy profits in your laundromat.