Facts You Should Know About the Smoke Alarm

It is illegal not to have working fire alarms in every floor of your home or business. Failure to install the fire alarm means you are not complying with the fire code and this can result in hefty fines that can be up to $100,000. All in all, there are a few things you need to understand about fire smoke alarms.

Know if it is a smoke detector or a smoke alarm

These two phrases are used interchangeably. What you should, however, note is that there is a big difference between them. Smoke detectors only sense smoke and then send the signal to the fire alarm system. Smoke alarms, on the other hand, will sense the smoke and then sound the alarm. Smoke alarms are common in homes whereas the fire alarm systems and smoke detectors are common in the businesses, hospitals, apartment complexes, industrial parks and other commercial buildings.

Know the number of smoke alarms you will need

The total number of smoke alarms that you will need will depend on the configuration and size of your house. For example, on the main floor of your house, you need a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in the main living space and kitchen. You also need a smoke alarm in the hallway outside the bedrooms. There should be smoke alarms in every bedroom too. This might seem like overkill but it will save you a lot in case of a fire outbreak.

For added fire protection Toronto, you will need fire extinguishers in the house. Place them in the garage, basement, bathroom, bedroom closets and kitchen. Most fire outbreaks take place at night. Having the fire extinguisher in your bedroom will ensure that you can escape from a burning building.

Know the number of smoke detectors that your business needs

Although homeowners can install and maintain their fire alarms, this is not recommended for businesses. A business must install a fire system that meets and exceeds the regulations. Our team at Steadfast Safety Services can supply the quality systems that you need, install them and help with maintenance. We can install emergency lighting, intercom systems as well as exit lighting. We have every type of smoke detector that you need to comply with every fire code in Ontario and keep your family, customers and employees safe.

Know the type of smoke alarm that you need

There are basically two types of smoke alarms: photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms. The photoelectric smoke alarms detect smoke of smoldering fire whereas the ionization type of smoke alarm detects the heat from the flaming fire. It is highly recommended to install both types of the smoke alarms or to go with the dual-sensor alarms that offer both detections. You will also need to install the carbon monoxide detectors.

What are you looking for? Our experts at Steadfast Safety Services will help find and install the full fire system that you need for fire protection. You can order the products you need online or simply give us a call. We also help with the installation, repair and inspections.