Steps to Help Develop a Home Fire Plan

Whether you live in a single family home or an apartment building, developing a sound family fire plan is a great idea. The fire plan will ensure that every family member knows what needs to be done in case of a fire emergency. This plan can improve the safety of your family in the event of a fire. Below are the steps and tips you should use when working on a home fire plan.

Stock the house for safety

The best way to ensure your family has adequate fire protection Toronto is to have working smoke alarms throughout the house. Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom and in the hallways outside the rooms. You should also have the smoke alarms in the kitchen, garage, family room and basement.

Installing a combination of ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms is a wise decision. Photoelectric fire alarms respond to smoke from smoldering fire whereas the ionization alarm will detect intense heat from the flaming fire. Steadfast Safety Services offers both types of smoke alarms and combination alarms. It is also highly recommended to install carbon monoxide detectors.

Adding fire extinguishers in different areas of the house such as the kitchen, garage, bedrooms and laundry areas is a must. Fire extinguishers in the bedroom will make it possible for you to escape if fire occurs at night.

Identify escape routes

In case of a fire outbreak, there is a good chance the front door will no longer be the safest escape route. This is why you need to make sure every family member knows where all possible escape routes are. You need to create a map of the house and mark the places that someone can escape through. You also need to ensure that the windows open without any problem. Spending money on escape ladders will also make sure that you flee without any problem from the second or even third floor. We have two and three storey escape ladders in our store.

Educate your kids well

It will be less chaotic if you educate your children on where to go in case of fire. Families in Toronto that have prepared their kids for these emergencies have a better chance of escaping and avoiding injuries. Teach your kids how to escape from the house even if you are not able to get to them. You must also select a family meeting place after evacuating the house. Kids should also learn how to test closed doors prior to opening them for escape. If a door is cool, it is safe for opening. Kids should learn how to hunch down when there is smoke.

Practice is crucial

Fire drills are important because practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to practice your fire plan every now and then. Doing so will create an automatic brain response in case of a fire. Family fire drills should be done twice a year.

If you need help creating your home fire plan or need to stock up on safety items, we are here to help. Fire protection is our business and we will help you create a sound fire plan for your family. Give us a call today to learn more.