The Toronto Fire Codes You Should Be Familiar With

Fires kill almost 100 people every year in Toronto. Most of these deaths can be prevented with good fire protection Toronto. The Toronto Fire Codes have been developed for the sole purpose of ensuring people’s safety. The bad news is that most residences are still not up to code. Not being up to code has dire consequences. If you are wondering if you house is fire safe or not, here are the residential fire codes and quick tips you need to make your house safer.

Fire sprinkler regulations

If you live in a building that has three or more stories, fire sprinklers will be required. There are certain exceptions but if you live in detached single family home or duplex, fire sprinklers are highly recommended although not required. The installation of the sprinklers is highly recommended because they help reduce fire damage.

For some people, the damage caused by the sprinklers is more than fire can damage. What you should understand is that in the event of a fire, the sprinklers will only go on in the rooms that are on fire. This helps prevent fire from spreading and also reduces water damage. Sprinklers suppress fires quickly.

Fire extinguisher regulations

Homeowners don’t have the same strict fire protection regulations like the businesses. Even so, it is highly recommended to have at least one fire extinguisher in the basement, kitchen and garage. If possible, you need to have a fire extinguisher in every bathroom and bedroom. A fire extinguisher will be invaluable if fire breaks out while you are upstairs and there is no safe exit.

Smoke alarms and smoke detectors

Toronto residents should have smoke alarms and smoke detectors installed in every level of their house and outside the bedrooms. These systems should also be kept in perfect working condition. You can buy smoke detectors and smoke testers from us. Carbon monoxide detectors are also available in our store.

Get rid of knob and tube wiring

If you live in one of the older houses in Toronto, there is a chance the house still has knob and tube wiring. These wirings cannot handle the electrical needs of the modern day family. They also deteriorate over time and can become a fire risk. Licensed Electrical Contractors can help inspect your home and determine if the wiring is safe or not. Upgrading the electrical system will improve the safety of your home and also make it easy for you to get insurance from insurance companies.

Develop a precise fire safety plan

Make sure every family member knows what to do in case of fire. Having a fire safety plan is not required by law but having one will improve safety. A fire ladder will come in handy if yours is a multiple story building.

These are crucial tips that will help improve safety in your home in Toronto. If you need any protection device including fire detectors and extinguishers, give us a call. At Steadfast Safety Services we are residential and commercial fire safety experts. We can help you guarantee that your family is safe.