Using the High Expansion Foam System in Fire Protection

The use of high expansion foam systems is common in businesses that use highly flammable materials. The system has been found to be excellent in fire protection for flammable or combustible liquids, in aircraft hangers and other areas where storage has been piled high.

How does it work?

When the foam concentrate, water and air come into contact at the right ratio, they form a high expansion foam system which offers maximum fire protection Toronto. The foam will then create a blanket which smothers flames while at the same time suppressing any potentially flammable or hazardous vapors. The foam will also cool flames and metal surfaces that are in the affected area.

The difference in the foam systems is in how the foam expands. The higher the expansion rate the more foam will be created from the liter of foam solution. Low expansion foam will give an expansion rate of 2 to 1 and 20 to 1. High expansion foam, on the other hand, will give a rate that exceeds the ratio of 200 to 1. The high expansion foam systems rely on high expansion foam generator. This is normally water-powered fan which forces foam to expand by pushing it through the screen.

Is this system right for you?

Finding out if the high expansion foam system is perfect for you is the big question. These systems work best when there is a huge enclosed space that needs to be filled fast. It is for this reason that the system is mainly used in areas that have highly flammable gases and liquids or in the hangars. The system is preferred where sprinkler systems will be inadequate.

Another place that can benefit from this system is a warehouse or outside storage that stores flammable liquids. The truck and rail flammable liquid loading racks can also benefit from this. All in all, it is good to note that these systems are mainly used in the aircraft hangars, in the oil & gas industry and petrochemical-related businesses. Loading facilities as well as large warehouses can also benefit from the high expansion foam system. This is mostly because of the flexibility of this system. This is more so if the area is piled high.

Large open areas make it easy for fire to spread rapidly. If there are merchandise in the area, the losses can be tremendous more so because the merchandise offer an area for fire to spread.

When going with the high expansion foam system, it is imperative that you pick the best company to help with the installation. Experience is the key to getting great results from this system. You need a team that ensures the system conforms to the industry standards while at the same time offering optimal protection. You need to work with an industry leader like Steadfast Safety Services. Our services include hazard analysis, equipment, training, management and also scheduling customized fire protection plans.

Steadfast Safety Services will consult with local fire jurisdiction and insurance underwriter and also analyze the location’s specific physical and environmental conditions and how they impact the behavior of fires. Give us a call today for the best services in high expansion foam systems.